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Natasa Bose

Natasa Bose is a Swedish-trained esthetician who uses her own unique skincare methods to help clients enjoy beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Although her clientele includes celebrities from across the world of entertainment, Natasa believes that everyone can have clean, radiant skin.

Growing up in Sweden, Natasa was inspired by the national culture that emphasizes the interconnection of health and beauty. In Sweden, spa and health resorts date back several hundred years. Treatments may have changed over time, but the underlying tenets of beauty as a reflection of health have not.

Natasa takes time to ensure that each client receives the best facial. She customizes every treatment for each client in a private, welcoming, tranquil environment. Here, she combines therapeutic facial massage with her own exclusive skincare products made from fresh natural ingredients.

Treatments include a special extraction technique, firming massage and use of various beauty-treatment equipment that assist in collagen production and skin rejuvenation. Facials scheduled on a regular basis as part of a wellness regimen promote a youthful, healthy glow.

Natasa's skincare products are customized to address the particular needs of every skin type. She also advises clients on foods that promote skin health. On the principle that what is good to eat is also good for the skin, Natasa has developed cleansers, lotions and facial masks using foods and plants known to help restore and rejuvenate the skin. Ingredients include aloe vera gel, carrots, cranberries, coffee, jojoba oil, egg, honey, ginger, lemon, oatmeal, olive oil and raspberries.

Natasa has more than 12 years of experience. After graduating from the prestigious St. Eriks Gymnasium, she continued her training at Elisabethskolan, the premier skincare academy in Stockholm. She worked at spas in Sweden, including the Selma Lagerlöf Hotel & Spa and the Storhogna Mountain Spa Resort, a renowned alpine ski resort. Upon moving to the United States, she served with a Beverly Hills dermatologist and at several Los Angeles spas before founding Natasa Bose Swedish Skincare. She is licensed by CIDESCO International, the premier international beauty therapy association, and the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


St:Eriks Gymnasium Stockholm, Sweden Major:Cosmetology 08/94-06/97
Elisabeth Skolan Stockholm, Sweden Major:Esthetician 01/99-01/2000
CIDESCO International Beauty Therapy License 01/99-01/2000


Environ Professional Training Los Angeles, California 10/2007
Decleor Course Stockholm, Sweden 04/2001
MD Formulations Course Stockholm, Sweden 06/2001
Dermalogica product Education 2000
Gatineu Education 2000
Quality Hotel & Spa Course Sunne, Sweden 01/2000
Barbering and Cosmetology License Los Angeles, California 04/2002-09/2002


Quality Hotel & Spa Course Sunne, Sweden 01/2000
Selma Lagerlof Hotel & Spa Quality Sunne, Sweden 01/2000-06/2000
Storhogna Hogfjall Hotel & Spa Vemdalen, Sweden 01/2001
Storhogna Hogfjall Hotel & Spa Vemdalen, Sweden 03/01-02/02
Hudhalsan Exclusive skin care salon in Stockholm, Sweden 09/2000-05/2001
Halsoteam (owner), Stockholm, Sweden 03/2000-01/02
Dr Carla Herriford MD, dermatologist, Wilshire, Beverly Hills 02/02-02/03
Shape Skonhet (owner) Stockholm, Sweden 03/03-03/04
ONA SPA Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles 03/04-09/06
Swedish Skin Care owner 10/06 to present